As a non-profit with a team of multinational experts, consultants and volunteers having immense experience in helping refugees and disadvantaged in different places of the world, we are committed to make the world a better place for the innocent refugee children and their families. We focus on supporting capacity building of civil society they live within as well as working on their social integration within their communities relieving ambiguities and misunderstanding due to culture differences and making them active citizens. In this regard, we have collected donation to protect their lives, we have provided Higher Education and Career Mentoring for them in South East Anatolia and a series of Education and Career Mentoring sessions for male and female youth and students at the university age, especially Syrians under temporary protection. We have helped them improve their skills and becoming more employable in the way of building their career.

“We hope to contribute to enhancing life conditions of refugees of all nationalities with no differentiation or discrimination to any of them according to nationality, race or gender.”

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We work on protection of refugees especially children who need good care, good education as well as being protected of child labour.
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We support education and higher education through organizing training courses in Turkish language and other topics enhancing their learning and enabling them to continue their education in Turkey.
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We work in partnership with universities and training centres in South East Anatolia where most refugees reside (Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Hatay). We provide career mentoring to refugee youth for making them more employable and for helping them establish a good career.
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We work on raising awareness of refugees on their rights, educating them about the immigrant protection law, their rights and how to reach their basic needs in Turkey.
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We work on advocacy of community on causes and needs of refugees residing in Turkeys for making them better understood and for improving their situation.
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We work on capacity building of teams working in NGOs e.g. project management, proposal writing, monitoring and education, protection, etc