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Vulnerable Groups

We know that groups such as women, children, elderly, people with disabilities, and refugees are often vulnerable and disadvantaged in the society. We monitor the specific problems of each group and the work carried out for alleviating them. For a healthier and fair society, we support these groups with the aim of making them more active in social life.


We know the importance of multiculturalism for humanity and that cultural values are the common denominator of societies and the most important factors that keep them together. We support the conservation, promotion and transfer of common cultural values to future generations, sharing of common cultural heritage with different communities, and dialogue. We aim to contribute to peace and cooperation by improving communication and interaction between communities.

Climate Change and Environment

We know that environmental protection and, beyond that, climate change and adaptation have become a global issue, and are on the agenda of many countries and international organizations. All public and private sector organizations, especially governments, work on combating climate change, which threatens the life of all living creatures on earth. As a civil society organization, we take climate change and adaptation seriously work on raising awareness about this important issue.

Innovation and Technology

We know that developments and innovations in technology affect all sectors from education to health, from agriculture to transportation. With the awareness that innovative practices make our lives easier, we support the use of these new products, services and norms for the benefit of the society. We also encourage the implementation of new ideas in this context.