About Us

Established in Bodrum in 2016, Helpzone is a non-governmental organization that aims to develop projects with innovative technologies and applications and implement these solutions for the global problems of our world and our country. Being aware of the global challenges such as poverty, migration and climate change, we are an association that supports social development and development of individuals including women, children, elderly, disabled (i.e. vulnerable groups) with focus on these aforementioned global problems. Our association aims to build capacities and increase awareness of vulnerable groups as the weakest link of the society.


Our vision is to add value to form a civil society with high social, cultural and environmental awareness, skilled labour and full of individuals who are beneficial to society, socially and economically integrated, independent, successful, active, strong, equitable and participative.


Our mission is to contribute to the solution of global problems such as climate change, migration and poverty affecting our society with rational, effective and quality projects.


Our goal is to support individuals and institutions in improving their capacities and creating awareness for the solution of these problems. In this context, disadvantaged groups such as children, women, youth, people with disabilities, refugees, displaced people are among our priorities.