Activity Areas

Fields of Activity

Vulnerable Groups

Vulnerable Groups Helpzone has been working on strengthening vulnerable groups and increasing their capacities. In this framework, it offers awareness-raising and capacity-building activities by organizing training programs, seminars and events, and organizing events for all disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, including children, women, youth and people with disabilities and internally displaced persons.


Culture Helpzone takes initiatives to protect and promote local and national culture, and to develop dialogue and relationships between different cultures through common cultural heritage, and prepares projects that create multiplier effects.

Climate change and environment

Climate change and environment Helpzone is engaged in activities to raise public awareness of the risks associated with climate change. In addition, it develops recommendations and designs innovative projects to reduce the adverse effects of climate change and ensure adaptation.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation Helpzone develops projects and collaborations for the development of technology and innovation-based employment, promotion of entrepreneurship, local, regional and national development.